Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some random photos

Realised that I haven't posted anything here for almost half a year... so just some random photos from last year's holiday to Kampar & Pangkor and other stuff that happened this year....

starting with Kampar & Pangkor

SchoolSport's Day

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Penang once again.....

well.... shld have blogged about this long time ago but better late than never.

My family went with my auntie and uncle to penang for holiday. First week of holidays.



Angela once again and kakak Tina

And Angela again

I really don't like typing so I shall just post photos

Monday, December 1, 2008


well........... It's Holidays!!!!!!!!
And I am bored... My dad says that school is good so you wouldn't be bored... Sometimes I agree..
Anyway... Today's the day I finally get to play mahjong again since I started work.......
Bought Lemuel and Jenli's Christmas present... And they then ask what I want for Christmas


1. GaryFong Lightsphere inverted Dome P3 Flash diffuser (confusing yes I know)
Looks like this :

2. Shirt (Bodyglove XL or FOS also can L)

3. If you can't find any the the following.............. A football would do... But not just any football. The Adidas champions league ball... not expensive (49.90)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Melawati walk

so yesterday I went walking with Sue ann, Phraveen, My sis (elise), Daryl and Felicia.... And sue ann asked me to take my camera out to take photos

so we went to find phraveen
and he took quite awhile to come out........

waited and waited then he came out........ As we were walking A, the smart ones (daryl, my sis and felicia) walked fast and decided to talk about college and physics and chemistry or whatever.

so three of us were left

and some photoshop fun.......
this is what phraveen would look like with red hair
And Sue Ann with pink highlights

unfortunately she doesn't have pink hair at all and looks like this....

So we all camwhored and take emo photos at the 'A' playground

I swear phraveen camwhores a lot, check out Sue Ann's blog

then the emo shots

the not so emo

leaving to go find Daryl and the smarties who didn't even bother calling us after we went 'missing'

The totally trashed bus stop which is repaired now

And to top it off...... we went home at 7 something.......